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AP Pobjoy is a trans-masculine ADG nominated writer, director and documentary-maker. Growing up between Melbourne and Far North Queensland, AP’s work focuses on outnumbered perspectives with a passion for Australian storytelling. Their work has been recognised by The Age, Stronger Than Fiction, RUUSH Magazine and Global Citizen and was recently nominated for BBFF’s ‘Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year'.   


At the start of 2020, AP was selected to be a part of the Emerging Practitioners Program at AIDC provided through Film Victoria. Shortly after, they began developing, writing and directing their first television documentary entitled 'Why Did She Have To Tell The World?,' Executive Produced by Sue Maslin and in association with Film Victoria and Screen Australia, 'Why Did She Have To Tell The World?' opened the ABCTV Compass season for 2021. 

AP is also an emerging screenwriter. They have been on the ground as a note taker and contributor in many writers rooms, including Screen Australia Supported Snapchat Show Apollo and Tik Tok Series Scattered. They were most recently the Script Coordinator for the new ABC Comedy Show ‘Retrograde’, written by Meg O’Connell and Anna Barnes, and has been nominated for five awards at the 2020 Setting Sun Film Festival including 'Best Drama.’ 

AP is also the recipient for the Film Victoria 2021 Screen Development Internship, a 12-month rotation working inside of Film Victoria, ABC and FremantleMedia in series development. 


Currently, they are developing and producing their first documentary series as well as creating a reality Tik Tok Series - the first of it’s kind globally. 



P: +61 410 624 579

Pronouns: They/them